“Blue Ice” has been accepted for publication!


I have some great news today! My latest short story”Blue Ice” has been accepted for publication!!

“Blue Ice” is the story of a woman forced to confront her sister’s abusive husband at the funeral ceremony being held in his honor. It’s one of my weirder stories, and I’m really excited about it.

I’ll give you a quick taste now. Here’s the opening line.

“Staring at the waxy figure resting within its polished wooden coffin, I had to wonder why the real bastards in this world always died a bit too late.”

The piece will be published in the Spring/Summer issue of Corvus Review. For now, stay tuned for when the story goes up. I really can’t wait to share this one with you.

Thanks as always for remaining awesome and supportive!


Sucker Literary is coming to Pieces of the Puzzle!

Hi, all!

We interrupt my regularly scheduled postings for a quick announcement!  As I’ve previously mentioned on this blog, I have joined the staff of Sucker Literary as a reader for their Anthology, Volume 3.  Now, Sucker is hosting a blog tour and this blog is their July 30th stop!  Please see below for a list of stops on the blog tour, and please visit www.suckerliterary.com for more info about the lit mag and the blog tour.

And please check back here in the beginning of next week for a blog on the moment I realized I was a writer.  Thank you as always for your visit!