Press and Appearances


2/21-23/2020: WriteOnCon—Indie HQ Speaker: 

Not Right For Me: How to Find Red Flags in Indie/Micropress:


11/11/19: Indie Chicks: Dusting Off An Old Manuscript

Guest Blogs: 

10/13/19: When Edits Hurt, Jeni Chappelle Editorial:

3/30/18: Shelving My Emotions, All the Way YA:

9/9/16: Back on the Horse, All the Way YA:

4/14/16: Cleaning Up After The Big Party, All the Way YA:

7/30/15: YA Romance: When Strong Doesn’t Have To Mean Single, All the Way YA:

4/16/15: Ignore No Opportunity, All the Way, YA:


7/6/19: WIM: The End, Sheri MacIntyre:

7/5/19: Writer In Motion: The Final Draft, Megan Van Dyke:

7/5/19: Writer In Motion: The Final Draft, Megan Van Dyke:

7/4/19: Writer In Motion: The Final Draft AKA Thank The Gods For Editors, M. Dalto:

7/4/19: Writer In Motion: Week 4,

2/28/17: The Inkwell Council Experience, EK Thiede:

2/23/17: The Red Pen: My Experience With The Inkwell Council, Sara A. Noe:


3/25/17: Bibliobattle, Kinokuniya Bookstore
Theme: Dystopian

1/27/17: Bibliobattle, Kinokuniya Bookstore
Theme: Supernatural

7/23/16: Bibliobattle, Kinokuniya Bookstore
Theme: YA

7/16/16: Host for Book Launch for Soulless by Ismael Manzano, Kinokuniya Bookstore

9/25/14: Selected Readings by The NYU-Village Writers Group, New York Public Library – Jefferson Market Branch:

Video Panels: 

9/16/19: CraftQuest: Write What You Know

6/22/19: CraftQuest: Writing Advice Gone Rogue

3/30/19: CraftQuest: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Writers

3/2/19: CraftQuest: All You Need Is Love: Writing Relationships

1/26/19: CraftQuest: Resolve To Write

11/24/18: CraftQuest: Query Catastrophes & How To Avoid Them

11/1/15: Virtual Fantasy Con Panel: Price of Magic

9/29/18: CraftQuest: The Realities of Editing & Why You Can’t Escape Them

8/25/18: CraftQuest: Connecting the Dots of Plot

7/21/18: CraftQuest: Writer Self-Care

7/18/18: CraftQuest Solo Vid: How To Handle A Critique

6/23/18: CraftQuest: We See Fictional People

3/24/18: CraftQuest: Trope Fever

2/24/18: CraftQuest: Making it All Up