About Me

100_2738Justine Manzano is a multi-genre writer who prides herself on her ability to juggle motherhood, writing, and the very serious businesses of fangirling and multiple forms of geekery.When she’s not flailing about her favorite characters and actors, she struggles to create her own characters with the hopes someone will flail about them one day.

Justine lives in Bronx, NY with her writer husband, son, and a cacophony of cats. She and her husband often spend nights sharing the couch as they watch television, laptop to laptop, communicating in that nearly telepathic fashion that comes with years of marriage. Together, they work to raise their own little padawan in the ways of the geek.

In high school, Justine dreamed of being a performer and is still known to sing loud enough in the shower that people outside of her apartment can hear her. Despite her initial dream of being on Broadway, Justine has spun stories around in her head since she could barely create a complex sentence. Ever since then, her imagination has run wild, so it was no surprise to anyone when she declared herself a writer.

Justine prides herself on writing what she calls “Weird Stuff”. She has always believed that it is the stranger subject matter that combines great storytelling with a great message. And that’s what she aims to achieve.

Her short fiction has appeared in the anthologies Things You Can Create and Best New Writing 2017, as well as the literary magazines Sliver of StoneThe Greenwich Village Literary ReviewThe Holiday Cafe, and Twisted Sister Literary.  She received the Editor’s Choice Award for her work in Best New Writing 2017. 

An award winning fanfiction writer, she works as a fiction reader for Sucker Literary Magazine and an occasional reviewer for G-Pop.net.  The Order of the Key, Book 1 of her YA Contemporary Fantasy Series, Keys and Guardians, is currently searching for a home. Most recently, the book became a finalist in the Pitch to Publication 2016 competition. 


11 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Hey Justine, looks like we both will be published in the next anthology from Stone Thread Publishing. How did you find out about the contest? I believe we emerging writers must actively support one another, so I’m reaching out to say get in touch! I tried to find email address for you here, but didn’t see one. Feel free to reply via email.

  3. Hello! I know that you stopped by my blog a while ago, but I’ve only just gotten some time to catch up with some follow ups. I’ve been working on a project and only just found the time during “nap trap” time visit some blogs. I look forward to seeing your work in my feed and I hope you’ll return to mine if something interests you. Of if you get displeased with something I wrote you can complain too 🙂

    1. Thank you for swinging by! I have the same time when it comes to scrambling to find time to visit blogs, but I love to pop over now and then and see what I can find. You have reminded me to go scope out your blog again…on my way. 😉

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