Editing Services

My husband, Ismael, and I offer freelance editing services, a holdover from our time working as part of the editing teams The Inkwell Council and CraftQuest. We offer these on a limited basis. Ismael tends to have more availability than I do. I will probably be posting on twitter @justine_manzano when I open up for edits. However, there’s no harm in emailing me through my contact page, and I’ll let you know if we’re booked up. Please see my list of available services and MSWL, as well as Ismael’s, below.

Justine Manzano’s Services


I love weird stuff. If your story has an odd twist to it, something that likely wouldn’t happen in real life, or something that may happen in real life that nobody really talks about (for instance, talking to yourself and getting a response, knowing you definitely have a ghost in your living room), I would love to help that manuscript shine. That doesn’t necessarily mean the story needs to be a Fantasy or Science Fiction novel, but I love those, so that works, too. I am also a firm believer in real life not being able to fit into genres, and love some kind of humor in everything, even if it’s gallows humor. Real people who experience trauma often laugh about it.

I don’t generally deal in books for children or MG, not because I don’t enjoy reading them, but because I don’t always feel as comfortable with knowing how to make them their best. YA, NA, and Adult are more in my wheelhouse.

I love fantasy but not epic fantasy. I tend more towards urban/contemporary.  I love light sci-fi. Hard sci-fi is a good read, but I will not be able to fact check your science terms, which makes it difficult to edit. I love contemporary romance, and anything with an LGBT+ influence is welcome. Diverse books of any kind are always welcome. I don’t even mind smut, as long as it’s well done, and I will grill you if it isn’t.

Things I will absolutely not read? Do not send me anything with a detailed rape scene or detailed abuse of children. Nothing with animal abuse. Nothing that pokes fun at any of those things either. If the alpha male in your book is an asshole and would likely be arrested for the way he treats the women in his life, I won’t be able to read it without telling you why he’s an asshole and all the things he’d be arrested for, so I’m probably not the best fit for your manuscript.


Developmental + Line Edit and Reader Report: .010 cents per word
Line Edits: .008 cents per word
Developmental Edits + Reader Report: .008 cents per word
Copy Edits: .006 cents per word
Query Package: Query+Synopsis+First 50 pages: $60
First Chapter: $25
Query: $25
Synopsis: $25
Pitch Session Prep: $15
30 Minute Book Inspiration Chat: $50
Team Edit with Justine and Ismael: .012 cents per word

Ismael Manzano’s Editing Services


I’m going to be a little difficult here, because I do like a wide range of things, and don’t like to say no too much, but I will admit there are things I’m not as qualified to critique as others, even if I enjoy reading them. 

I like all things fantasy. High, Low, Epic, Urban–you name it, I like it. If there’s magic, sorcery, vampires, werewolves–hell, a gnome–I’m in. I like horror, more particularly cerebral, well-paced horror, but I’ll take a good bloodbath if the story is strong. Basically, I’ll take just about anything, but be prepared to justify every act your character does. 

Anything supernatural or paranormal. Bring me your ghosts, your demons, your imprisoned angels yearning to be read. 

Science Fiction is an old favorite of mine, but I do better with lower end Sci-Fi, that doesn’t bog the reader down in technical-babble that doesn’t feel natural. If you’re over-explaining a new technology that’s supposed to be commonplace in your world, it always feels forced and awkward. 

I enjoy Young Adult along a vast spectrum of genres, though I look for something more original than the love triangle trope that has become popular in recent years. 

Contemporary Romance is not my forte, seeing as I have the social skills of a moldy scone. You might get a unique point of view from me, but I can’t say with certainty that I will do it real justice. 

I cut my teeth on MG books, so reading them is a unique pleasure as it reminds me of my younger days when I would get swept up into Narnia, but being the old man that I am now, I tackle these stories with a more critical eye than the books’ target audience, so be warned.

I’m not my best with stories dealing with topics of rape or child abuse (unless it is essential to the plot and not done for sheer shock value). 

I love history, but am not the best to judge whether a period is historically accurate. I usually get lost in the world and will only notice a historically inaccurate detail if it was glaringly and embarrassingly obvious. 


Developmental Edits + Reader Report: .008 cents per word
First Chapter: $25
Team Edit with Justine and Ismael: .012 cents per word