Virtual FantasyCon


Hi all! Today, I’m here to discuss this great event that I’m participating in this Sunday, November 8th. I will be hosting a booth for YA Sunday, but I am also featured on one of the panel discussions. Virtual FantasyCon was created to reach out to readers and lovers of the speculative, the fantastical, the strange. The convention, which is hosted in Facebook events, actually started yesterday and will continue through the 8th, with varying topics as the days go on. For more information on what you can find throughout the week, check out the flyer below.

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The conventions is being run by these hard-working individuals who are doing it all for the fans.

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And finally, please find the links for each of the targeted days of the convention below. Come join us! Find some new books to read and some new authors to love. We’ll be waiting for you.

YA Romance: When Strong Doesn’t Have to Mean Single

Hey folks! I’m guest blogging today at All the Way YA, discussing romance in YA and what the potential implications are. See a preview below. For more, click here.

When the movie Tomorrowland was doing its press tour, an interview in Vulture with writers Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof (and also star George Clooney) in which Lindelof was quoted as saying the following when asked about rendering strong female characters. “What if she doesn’t get distracted by romantic entanglements? What if her “romance” is with the future?”

In my infinite insecurity (I am, after all, a writer. We’re all insecure.) I started to think about my story while panicking. Was there something wrong with romance in an adventure story? My story doesn’t involve a romance with the future! The relationship between my main character, Jacklyn, and her confused and confusing as hell potential love interest, Kyp, is a central part of the plot. It’s often the driving force. By not having my main character’s true love be adventure, or being a hero, or something more abstract, was I being somehow anti-feminist? Considering my strong feminist stance, I was genuinely concerned that I had miscommunicated my message.

Jacklyn Madison Character Interview

Hi all! I’m making a guest visit this week on Jena Baxter’s blog! Or…err…*cough* Jacklyn Madison, my main character from The Order of the Key is, anyway. Check out Jacklyn’s interview here! And while you’re at it, check out my new piece of promo art above. More to come!

Lift Me Up, Beat Me Down

Hello again!

Today I’m doing another guest post, this time over on writer Liza O’Connor’s blog. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

   Are you with a mainstream publishing company? Bad news, man. They steal all of your money. Very shady. Be careful.

Are you with an indie publishing company? Well, they aren’t going to do much for you. So much for being the next J.K. Rowling. Hopefully someone important will read your book and pass it on, or else you’re never going to get recognized.

You self-published? *wince* Oh…couldn’t get anybody to pick it up, huh? You know, there are no gatekeepers in the self-publishing world. There’s nobody there to tell you if you suck or not. Maybe you shouldn’t just jump in and self-publish? You’re tainting the pool. It’s already a dirty pool.

You haven’t published yet? WHY NOT. These days you can self-publish, you know. You don’t even need to mess with those corporate suits. Just do your own thing. But be careful. You’re going to have to promote yourself. Also, DON’T TAINT THE POOL.

To read the rest of my post about navigating the murky waters of publishing, visit here!

Enjoy! And please feel free to let me and Liza know what you think about the topic with a comment!

Ignore No Opportunity: How I Found My Publisher

Hello all!  Today I am guest blogging over at the wonderful YA blog, All the Way YA.

Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find there:

There are plenty of traditional routes towards getting published, and when I started shopping out my manuscript for The Order of the Key, Book 1 of my series, Keys and Guardians, I systematically went through all of them.

  • Cold query agents? Check!
  • Spend hundreds on an informative Writer’s Conference with the added benefit of pitching to various agents? Check (thanks to my day job’s Christmas bonus)!
  • Chatted with an agent I met? Check (Lesson: I’m awkward. My husband is MORE awkward.)!
  • Ask published writer buddy to hook a sister up? Check!
  • Cold submit directly to small presses? Checkity-check!

I was hitting brick walls left and right. Even when I got a step closer, pitches leading to partial manuscripts ended up leading to zilch. I wasn’t at it for very long, but I’ll admit that I was beginning to get discouraged. I’m an efficient organizer, which means that in six short months I managed to rack up an impressive number of rejections.

For the rest of the article, go visit the main post! 

Enjoy! And feel free to comment back here, if you have any feedback!

Genre Confusion

Hi everyone! Today I’m guest posting over at Horror Writer Charles O’Keefe’s blog.

I have a great big genre pet peeve and it sets my teeth on edge the same way it does when somebody says irregardless (THAT’S NOT A WORD!!!!!). It’s when you’re talking about something like, say, The Lord of the Rings, and somebody says “Oh, I don’t like Sci-Fi.” My pet peeve is not that they don’t like sci-fi, although if you don’t, what the hell is wrong with you? (I’m just kidding, I swear!) It’s that The Lord of the Rings is NOT Sci-Fi! It’s fantasy! Do you see any frickin’ robots anywhere? Was Gollum an alien? No! So learn your genres!

To read the rest of the post, click here. And please feel free to poke around the rest of his site as well. I’m sure Charles would love to have you come for a visit!

Kill the Superstition, Save the Writer

Hi everyone!

Today I’m guest posting over at YA Fantasy Writer Scarlett Van Dijk’s blog!  

“I can’t write unless I have a cigarette, am sitting in a particular room in my house, on a particular chair, writing on a yellow legal pad with a red marker pen.”

The above sentence sounds, to me, like a funeral march, and it has nothing to do with the cancer stick. It is the death of that person’s writing career.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that there are some people for whom these conditions are easy to obtain reliably, but very few of us modern day writers live on a planet where they would be able to work in these conditions for more than ten minutes at a time.


To read the rest of the post, click here! And please feel free to poke around the rest of her site as well. I’m sure Scarlett would love to have you come for a visit!