Completed Manuscripts/Works in Progress

The Keys & Guardians Series

Age Range: Upper YA – Early NA
Genre: Urban/Contemporary Fantasy

Follow the ongoing adventures of Jacklyn Madison, as she struggles to stay alive in a world where monsters are real, extraordinary abilities can make or break you, and trust is nothing but a dirty word.

Book 1: The Order of the Key
Status: Looking for a home

Jacklyn Madison has a thing for heroes. She reads about them, watches them on TV, and would very much like to become one. When a mysterious beast makes an attempt on her life, she discovers she is a hero—the long lost member of The Order of the Key, a group of humans with unique gifts that protect humanity from creatures that come through inter-dimensional rifts.

It’s all fun and games until training reveals the Order’s out-of-touch views—Keys like Jacklyn are protected, while Guardians like the rest of her family are considered expendable. As she rails against their value system, she finds herself in the center of a power struggle between the group’s leader, Lavinia, and her idealistic son, Kyp. Believing Lavinia to be engaged in hidden criminal activity, Kyp spearheads a secret effort to overthrow the leadership of the Order, and Jacklyn quickly signs on.

As Kyp’s efforts to protect his team from his unpredictable mother entangle them in a mire of danger and deceit, Jacklyn must find a way to keep the people she loves safe from her enemies—those the Order was chosen to fight, and those operating within.

Future Installments

Book 2: The Lost Key
Status: In Progress

Book 3: The Skeleton Key
Status: In Outlining Stages

Other Works in Progress

Legally Insane

Age Range: Adult
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Status: In rewrites

Leah Marinillo has just escaped a loveless marriage, moved in with her best friend, and is about to start a new career-all at the urging of Carter St. James…her favorite television character, who has started following her around and giving her advice. While Carter’s goal is to create a stronger, more confident Leah, he never expected her to embark on a flirtatious friendship with her new boss, charming and energetic Doug Lehman. When Carter tries to slam the breaks on this budding relationship, Leah must decide which man is more important to her–the one living in her head and looking out for her best interests, or the flesh and blood man who doesn’t believe in love.

Never Say Never 

Age Range: YA
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romantic Comedy
Status: Start Writing April 2017

Love is a load of crap.

Love has always alluded Brynn Stark. Not only has she never gotten the appeal of it, but lately, she’s being trampled by it. Her best friend Nina is recovering from a bad breakup, and she has stumbled upon a big secret going on behind the scenes of her parents’ marriage. So, she confides in Nina’s foster sister, Valentina Kokinos, swearing to her that she will never fall in love.

Cast out from Mount Olympus, the Goddess Aphrodite has been living in the mortal world as foster kid, Val. When she hears Brynn’s declaration, she thinks she’s found her ticket back in to the world of the Gods, and sets out to change Brynn’s mind. But when Val’s boyfriend Adam tires of her controlling movements in their friends lives, things go horribly awry.

Love sucks. And it’s all about to blow up in their faces.

The Sword of Justice Series

Age Range: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book 1: Lucy Dies in the End
Status: Outlining

As a sixteen year old juvenile delinquent, Truman Warner was going places-most likely prison. That was until his girlfriend, Sheila, and the rest of his crew double-crossed him and stole the stash of money he’d been collecting.

Now an adult, Truman is really going places-as a hotshot private eye with a loose regard for the law. Working with a fellow detective and a receptionist, Truman has built an actual business from his criminal connections, but his cases are his own. Old lessons stick-never trust anyone with your livelihood.

Things are going well until Sheila lands on his doorstep again, toting along the only person Truman ever had a real soft spot for, her mentally ill little sister, Lucy. Except Lucy might not truly be mentally ill, she might actually be clairvoyant, and her visions have landed her into hot water. Now, Truman must unite both of his crews to avert the seemingly unchangeable future and prevent the last line of Lucy’s latest vision from coming true.

“Lucy dies in the end.” Over Truman’s dead body.

Future Installments

Book 2: Soul Sight (Tentative)
Status: Outlining

Living in the Past

Age Range: Adult
Genre: Supernatural
Status: Outlining

It’s the typical story. Girl meets boy through her spiritual therapist. Girl goes home with boy after a lovely date. Boy finds his young son waiting on his doorstep…having crossed state lines to get there.

After Eric finds his son waiting for him at his home, Emma is more than ready to leave him to find out how the boy got there. After all, it isn’t her business. But the boy is terrified, doesn’t remember where his mother is, and is reluctant to let her go. Feeling badly for them both, Emma agrees to stay until the mystery is sorted out.

As Emma helps to unravel the mystery behind the boy’s appearance, she comes face to face with a revelation of her own that leads Emma to understand meeting Eric was no coincidence–this isn’t even the first lifetime they’ve crossed paths in.


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