*Happy Dances* I have new promo art!

Hello everybody!

For anybody who was able to make it to the recent event I attended, it isn’t a surprise that I now have some Order of the Key promo art to show off. And I. AM. EXCITED. Check it out below.

11749405_961887780498939_1511009366_n 11750000_964725970215120_176685065_o (1) IMG_1781IMG_1783 IMG_1785IMG_1786

I can’t wait for you guys to understand the significance of every single one of these quotes. Stay tuned for more info!

Big Announcement!

Hello all!

I wanted to announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances, I will no longer be publishing my series, Keys & Guardians with Distinguished Press.

I will now be publishing the series with Fantasy Works Publishing. Though my release date may be pushed back slightly because of this change, the team at Fantasy Works is already hard at work getting book 1, The Order of the Key, ready for the world. We’re still looking towards a late Summer, early fall release.

In addition to the acceptance of my series by Fantasy Works, I will also be joining the staff as a line editor. I am very excited to be working with this group of passionate and inspired people.

I’ll keep you posted on further information as it comes in!