Special Side Projects

I am currently part of two major side projects I work on in addition to my writing. 

The Inkwell Council is a manuscript editing service with specific rules. Basically, if you have no writer’s critique group, and you want someone to polish up the first three chapters of your Fantasy manuscript, we’ll be there for you. For rules and specifics of our program, please visit us at http://www.theinkwellcouncil.com/.

Geektastic is a YouTube channel/blog where the geekier members of my family openly discuss all of the wonderful things that make being a geek so kickass. It’s a fun, kid-filled YouTube channel with gaming, toys and memorabilia, that also speaks about some more sophisticated television, books and movies, but in a way that’s totally family friendly.

You can view our website and go follow us on our social media links, because we want you along on our adventure. Check it out at www.geektastic-manzanos.com.