Guest Post: The Real Story Behind Creation

Hello all! First, I want to apologize for not being a timely poster. These days, while working on cleaning up my main book and preparing it for submissions, I have been figuring out what needs to be done on a rewrite for another book, and simultaneously brainstorming two projects, one of which will become my Nanowrimo project in November. So, my time has been used elsewhere, and I apologize for my inconsistency. An original post from me is forthcoming. In the meantime, I’m preparing some guest posts for you. Today, I am joined by the lovely CA Morgan, who is here to discuss, aptly, what goes into the act of creation. I hope you enjoy her post!

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Success is elusive. It’s true – and it stops most of us in our tracks on our way to “becoming” all that we could be. We cower before the doors of destiny, knocking timidly, if at all, offering only halfhearted attempts to enter into the lives we were meant to lead.

But, here’s the thing: Those doors only open inward. You have to push to get through. How could it be otherwise with all the frightened, huddled masses blocking the way?

“Not everyone is born for greatness,” you may argue. “Some of us belong right where we are. We don’t want to push. We don’t want to change. We don’t want to grow. If we don’t try, how can we fail?”

Failure is inevitable – this is true, too. Some time, some where, we all fall short. Everyone has within them the potential to be more than they are, yet not one of us fully lives up to it. We are human beings, after all, not gods. But, that shouldn’t keep us from striving to be better human beings.

If we are really content, why then is there still so much need and discontent in the world? Why do people grumble about their lot in life, the have-nots begrudging the haves and vice versa? If we were all our best selves, wouldn’t everyone have enough?

I think, perhaps, we all know we could do better.

Some of us see those who succeed as a threat to our mediocrity, as if we are being graded on a bell curve. We despise that student who gets the “A+” because we know we didn’t put forth our best effort. Or we work and work, and feel like we still don’t measure up. On the flip side, some of those top-of-the-curve students resent sharing the fruit of their labor, and hide it away, not grasping that basic tenet of childhood: Good kids share and play fair.

Also true, not everyone wants more for themselves. And that’s just fine. But in a world that has such great need, we should at least want more for others. We should want to create a world where bell curves are unnecessary. The best way I know how to make that happen is for ALL of us to try, to push forward and give it our best. It may not be required or even expected, but it’s sure to be appreciated by someone who needs what we have to offer the world…

…and that’s what makes it worth the effort.

CA Morgan

C.A. Morgan is a wife and mother of five, author, illustrator, singer, performer, music & art teacher, blogger ( and formerly and is currently working to put kids thru college — in other words, a very busy woman! An avid reader and self-taught writer, she earned her degree in Commercial Art from Michigan’s Ferris State University eons ago, but now calls Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom home. She is currently working on a prequel and sequel to round out her YA Fantasy Emrysia series, along with several other projects including picture books.

Visit the Author on FaceBook: or her Amazon Author Page:

Learn about CA Morgan’s Three Sisters Trilogy:


Welcome to Emrysia

Step into the light and you’ll see them… Forget everything you think you know about fairies, mermaids, and fauen – pretty little tales to put children to sleep. Enter the magically shifting landscape of Emrysia, where sentient swamps and ancient forests enchant disobedient daughters – to death! Journey with three youngsters: Aryelle, a winged healer with an amazing gift; Lureli, who shimmers with secrets as deep as the sea; Eleanor – she has horns, even if you can’t see them! Three “sisters”, separate races, one common destiny. Enter their world, part fairy tale, pure fantasy, but not for the faint of heart! Because here in the light, the shadow is growing…

From Emrysia: Awakening:

Awakening Cover
Defying her father Elazaryn’s wishes, Aryelle – luminarie maiden and heir to the Seat of Ka’Andharra – empathetically “assumes” a wounded messenger who arrives bearing portentous tidings. In response, Elazaryn sends Aryelle on a two-fold journey of self discovery, charging her with the care of her younger cousin, Karril. They are joined in ancient Wellwood Forest by Lureli of the Mer and her four mute slaves, as they seek to overcome the Reign of Shadow by attending a Summit meant to unite the varied races of Emrysia. Overwhelming obstacles challenge the trio along the way, including a run-in with three ancient, cannibalistic hags. These “Omniscients” – the keepers of the Swamps of Dire – unwillingly offer the key to conquering the present darkness. With the help of Eleanor and her foster father Nodd, fauen of the Aurrac clan-herds, the youngsters finally ascend Mt. Cor only to find that the Summit is a sham. Borrac, Aurracan Head Chieftain, shows his true colors, which are as black as his beard. The luminaries, along with their new companions, Rona the praircat and a handful of others, escape with their lives, if not spirits, intact. But at least one of their number is not to be trusted as they begin the perilous journey homeward…

From Emrysia: Lament:

picture3Barely into the homeward journey, disaster strikes as Lureli’s servants vanish and her precious transformation potion is lost. Tensions rise and the group splits up, reaching Rona’s warren separately. But before they can query the Stone of Seeing or even witness the birth of Rona’s pups, they are swallowed in a timeless void. Traveling through what they come to know as the Connectedness Locus, they encounter Lydian shape shifters, an angry Dezrot, and Lureli’s evil former mentor, Japhra. Alone, but now certain they are the Chosen who must save Emrysia from the Reign of Shadow, Aryelle, Lureli and Eleanor go their separate ways until fate calls them together once again.

From Emrysia: Endurance:

Endurance Cover
Sent home by Mandelbrot to prepare for their role as “Chosen”, each of the Three Sisters finds herself in unexpected circumstances from which there is no easy return. Will they learn what is required and be able to reunite in time to save Emrysia?

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