Cleaning Up After The Big Party

Welcome to my completely revamped website! Today, I am guest posting over at All the Way YA, and discussing how I feel during the editing process for my upcoming book. Check out the sample below and please follow the link for my overdramatic musings. I hope you enjoy! 

“I hate editing. It’s like someone ripping out your organs and dissecting them while you’re still conscious.”

This is a thing I actually said to my publisher. Now, mind you, I managed to score a job at said publishing company after being picked up for publication, so it’s not so weird that I was having this chat with her, but still, this is a thing I actually said to the owner of my publishing company.

Because it’s true. Writing is the party. You have fun, you hang out with friends, you make memories that will last forever. Editing is the clean up after the party. Cleaning cake out of the crevices of your table because your family decided to have a cake fight, vacuuming the chips off the floor. Throwing all those used cups and bottles away. And, most importantly, putting away all of the food you thought you’d need that you didn’t end up needing after all.

For more, please follow the link

6 thoughts on “Cleaning Up After The Big Party

  1. LOVE that analogy. Well, all of them, really — the party, the cake, the shoebox hoarder . . . . What a very, um mature post. I can’t wait to read your book!

  2. Okay, so first of all–I love the new look to your site! It looks fantastic!

    And I love the article. Such GREAT analogies. And the line about knowing what you’re trying to say! All the yes there.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it!

      It’s so hard to hear that a person read something you said a different way than you expected and not just go “They just don’t get it” instead of “I clearly didn’t say this right”, isn’t it?

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