Links to Fall For

Ha!  How do you like my title?  Just me, punning.

So, what’s new in my career?  My world?  The writing world in general?  Check out my collection of links from the season.

– I wrote a review of Kelley Armstrong’s latest release, Omens for  You can find it here.

– My little sister (or really, my husband’s little sister, but I’ve known her since she was two and we’re super close, so DAMN IT, I claim her) got her first short story published.  Check it out.  It’s on page 45.

– This has less to do with writing and more to do with the other pieces of my puzzle, but my wonderful nephew, Genaro, and his awesome Mama, Jeannie, were featured members on CNY triathlon’s website.  Having recently attended one of Genaro’s triathlon competitions, I just wanted to use this platform to say again how incredibly proud I am of them both.

– If you’re anything like me, every story is an ensemble piece.  Check out this blog post on Helping Writers Become Authors about how to make strong supporting characters.

– I like writing.  I like television.  I like any article that throws these two together.  Check out this article that discusses what you can learn as a writer from watching television.  Only warning – beware, the subject matter is a bit dated.

– Ever feel like you wish you could toss the outline?  Check out this article – It discusses the benefits of writing without an outline.  I find that I use my share of these techniques, although I do still keep an outline.  I don’t necessarily agree with the negative outlook on outline he discusses, but the point of view is interesting.  Thoughts?

– Once you are in the editing phase, it’s time to look into critique partners.  Here’s an article on how to guide your critique partners so that they give you the most useful critique.

– Some things you just have to let go of – R.I.P. (for now, anyway) Dark Galaxy.

– It never hurts to have a list of literary magazines that will pay for your work!

– Contrary to what I always thought I’d be doing as a writer, it seems I’m a writer who writes romance into whatever other genre she’s working with.  For instance, I can’t just seem to write an Urban Fantasy – it’s an Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Romance.  I can’t just write a comedy, I write a romantic comedy.  So, this article was a bit of fun for me – and pretty accurate about life and romance novels:

Please be sure to come back for a visit at the end of this month to check out the things I’m thankful for!  In the meantime, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

7 thoughts on “Links to Fall For

  1. I’m usually very disappointed if there isn’t some romance in whatever genre book I’m reading. I like the mystery or adventure of a book but I want the hero and heroine to fall madly in love. Preferably after fighting the first half of the book. Instalove is kind of annoying but if everything gets screwed up right after that (read angst) I’ll take it.

    1. I am this way as well, but when I initially dreamed of being a writer, I thought “romance” stories were cheesy. And then I started to up my reading, vary my genres, and quickly realized that the romantic plot is usually what tied me to a story. And when I try to dream up a story, it’s always centered around LOVE. 🙂

      1. My stories always have an element of romance. Although my NaNo novel turned into a huge angst fest and I’ve had to dial it back, lol. My fanfic was a lot of action/adventure stories with romance (or mostly UST) thrown in.

        1. I have yet to do UST. Mine always get resolved. My long form stories are big on happy endings that are touch and go, but come through in the end. My shorts….all but one have a sad ending for the romance.

          1. When reading I like my UST to eventually get resolved but I love when it’s dragged out right to the end.

            Since my fanfic is mostly Stargate SG-1 and I ship Jack and Sam most of my stories were just UST because with canon I couldn’t hook them up although I wrote a few AUs where they did. I prefer the angst of their relationship, though. But that’s just me. I guess I like to torture my characters with it.

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