Come What May…

Hello all!  Welcome to my collection of news, musing and links for the month of May.

I’d like to start by leading you guys to an article that gave me a mention.  The article is about a new frontier in publishing & fandom. You can read the article here.  The SpaceGypsies site is filled with interesting fandom information, so if you have never visited it, take a tour.

Just a random thought: If every character I create is like a child to me, and having children drains you and makes you forget things, then is it any wonder that between Logan and my fiction-kids, I have very little brain power left?

Ever get your Lays and Lies mixed up?  This is a big issue of mine.  This blog post by C.S. Lakin should help.

Want to see the things you should absolutely never write in a query letter to a literary agent?  Visit SlushPile Hell and laugh with them.

Do you believe that the rules of writing and publishing others discuss don’t apply to you?  You might want to check out this Writer’s Digest article.

Joss Whedon, otherwise known as the Master of the Fandom Universe, gave a very profound commencement speech at Wesleyan University, and i09 covered it here.  Give it a read.  It’s pretty inspirational, no matter what path you’re on.

Another interesting Writer’s Digest Article discusses 15 Things a Writer Should Never Do.   Here’s a hint: One of these 15 things is actually the topic of my next blog post!  See if you can guess.

That’s all for now.  I’ll see you with a new blog post in two weeks!

4 thoughts on “Come What May…

  1. Kudos to the mention in the article. It raised a brow on me to read that Kindle Worlds would allow fanfiction authors to publish, so I decided to check it out. Very dubious deal here. Thus far it is very limited in scope, but that’s not what bothers me – it’s the idea that Amazon will own the rights to the text that creeps me out. Those would be my words that they were laying claim to. Hmmm. I would like to wait and see just how this all pans out before I would put my works up for publishing.

    1. Yeah, it seems like as of now, it would be a pretty dodgy situation to get involved in. If I ever did decide to go this route, which is not currently an option as I don’t even watch any of the series’ involved, I would be sure to check out the fine print then. Chances are there will be some kinks to be ironed out in the beginning stages of this experiment.

  2. Love your mention, and you know I totally agree with it! 🙂

    I do find it strange that Amazon is publishing fan fiction though…

    Reading other links now–may drop back by later if something seems comment-worthy! (like you need to hear my rambles!)

    1. Awww thanks! 🙂 I agree that it will be weird to see fan fiction getting any kind of more traditional publishing treatment. Should be interesting to see the fallout from something like this.

      OF COURSE I need to hear your rambles. What good is posting this if we can’t discuss what’s in it? If you see anything you want to comment on, COMMENT. 🙂

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