NaNoWriMo Week 2

A few snippets from things that I have learned about myself during this weeks NaNoWriMo:

1) You know those moments when you’re writing and a character just sort of takes over the show, and suddenly the story is going in a totally different direction than you originally thought it would be and you are totally inspired and just writing like mad to catch up to this sudden change?  Yeah, that creates a lot of words….

2) I think I’m completely incapable of writing a short story.  I’ve written a couple in the past.  I like them, but not as much as I like my full length works.  And working on my new short stories this week has produced something I hadn’t previously expected (aside from the above moment of character revelation).  It has produced two much longer stories than intended.  Either I’m going to have to take a serious editor’s pen to these stories when they are done (and no, I promise, I will not edit until after NaNoWriMo), or I’m writing novellas.  Maybe it’s time to do some research into the market for novellas…

3) I have never loved math or science and though I love science fiction, I’ve never really understood all of the actual or theoretical science behind it.  Not really.   So what on earth made me think it would be an intelligent decision to make one of my novels a space opera in which the two main characters are biochemists and it is told from their point of view?  I don’t know, but I will either come out of this experience knowing a lot more about biochemistry, or I will come out of this looking like a complete idiot.

4) When you hit a particularly difficult portion of a scene, and you’re having trouble writing your way through it, what do you normally do?  I tend to put it aside for awhile until the inspiration strikes again.  Which means that I have stopped writing it.  What NaNo has made me do is keep writing.  Keep making strides and putting words to the page. They may be terrible.  It may just be enough to get you through that moment and over the hump into a moment that you actually feel real inspiration towards.  But, as famous Romance Novelist Nora Roberts said, “You can’t edit a blank page.”  So you keep on trudging through, you keep on writing utter crap until it becomes inspired again.  And you can always go back and edit it later.  After NaNo, of course.

And now for the great word counts of the week:

Once again, the key is as follows:

Short Stories: OH, C2SS
Novel Length Urban Fantasy: LK
Novel Length Romantic Comedy: LI
Novel Length Space Opera: DG
11/13: 828 words of LK, 973 words of C2SS – 1801
11/14: 324 words of LK, 867 words of OH, 980 words of C2SS – 2,171
11/15: 1620 words of LK, 143 words of DG – 1763
11/16: 568 words of LK, 761 words of DG, 379 words of LI = 1708
11/17: Nada.  I had an incredibly cooked family dinner to attend.
11/18: More than made that up today: 3,793 words
At this moment, the total is: 32,271 words.  I’m doing this you guys.  I’m doing this!!!

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Week 2

  1. HELP me. I just can’t do it, do you think i still have time? like if i continued tomorrow could i still do it? I’m seriously pissed off that I started and didnt finish, especially as i told myself i would do it this year. What’s wrong with me 😥

    1. Don’t give up yet! You still have days to catch up! It isn’t over. Also, don’t beat yourself up. This happens. Writer’s Block is such a common occurrence. Or this might not have bee the right subject matter for you. Or life may have gotten in the way. Ask yourself – have you ever written as much before as you have this month? Have you made tremendous progress on something? Is there anything preventing you from trying this again next month? If this pushed you at all as a writer, it’s not a lost cause. Hang in there. It took me forever to even committ to trying something like this. You’ve already taken a huge step.

      1. Thank you – I really do put pressure on it, i think it takes away the fun and in my head manifests it into a chore.

        The thing is, when I’m not writing, I’m daydreaming about doing it and getting excited about the thought of locking myself away and immersing myself in a story. *and breath* Thank you for the advice, I will be following your process and cheering you on!

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